Jack Trailer Update

Unfortunately, YouTube pulled the trailer — if anyone wants to see it, feel free to email me at beckthom88@gmail.com. The video itself is still available at the clip store of course!


Trailer: Jack’s Back

Here’s a look at Jack in action!

Get the full video at the clip store. Hope everyone’s year is started off great, and stay tuned for more videos soon!

New video: Jack’s Back

Just posted a new video to the clip store! This one features returning model Jack, making his first appearance in nearly three years:

screen shot 2019-01-20 at 7.29.36 pm

Once again, Jack is starring in a foot-focused video. This one contains more than 15 minutes of Jack getting knocked silly, and each scene focuses on his soles (either in socks, barefoot or a few scenes in sneakers). No real plot — just constant slapstick silliness, including one flattening scene as well.

The trailer will be up tomorrow, but it’s in the clip store now!

Teaser: Slapstick Holiday Heist

Here’s a look at our masked burglar in action!

Thank you all for a great 2018! I’ve already got some videos lined up for 2019 and am talking to some new models, so expect to see some new faces and some returning favorites over the next few months. Happy holidays!

New Video: Slapstick Holiday Heist

Happy holidays, all! Just posted the newest video on GuysOutCold featuring….a mystery star!

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 4.25.48 PM

Who is this masked man? Recognize him? He’s one of the most popular GuysOutCold models, and this time, he’s playing a burglar who has his sights on the house the supposedly has the best presents around. All he’ll be opening, however, is nonstop slapstick shenanigans.

Don’t worry — like a Christmas present, he gets de-masked, partially at first and fully by the end. And feet fans will enjoy this one, as he gets barefoot early on and has plenty of sole shots.

I’ll have a trailer up tomorrow, but you can get the video now on the clip store. If you don’t recognize our star and are dying to know his identity, it’s revealed in the description at the store.

Teaser: Chino the Champ

Here’s a look at Chino in action!

Get the full video at the clip store. Coming up next, I have a holiday-themed shoot coming up featuring a GuysOutCold favorite, and there are a few new faces on deck, too. Stay tuned!

New Video: Chino the Champ

Just posted a new video to GuysOutCold. Meet our newest model, Chino:

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 11.30.31 PM.png

Chino is a bit cocky about his fighting skills, but he’s about to be taken down a few pegs, GuysOutCold style. No major plot to this one — just more than 10 minutes of Chino taking a slapstick pummeling, getting knocked silly over and over again. Lots of sole shots in this one, and he’s down to his underwear by the end of the video. The trailer will be up tomorrow, but it’s available in the clip store now!