Welcome to “Guys Out Cold”

The fact that they still air “Three Stooges” shorts 80 years after they first hit the big screen speaks to the lasting appeal of slapstick comedy. For some of us, watching people fall victim to a bit of comedic humiliation — a pratfall or a clonk on the head that leaves them dazed, dizzy and staggering, for example — can be even a bit alluring.

With a few exceptions, popular film television often seems to give the handsome leading men a pass on that, unfortunately, instead usually delegating slapstick antics to inept villains and comic sidekicks.

Well, not for us! Here, we’ll be developing and featuring short videos showcasing good-lucking guys fall victim to a little humiliation. We’ve already put together a few videos — including a few featuring our dashing cover model at the top of this blog — that we’ll be unveiling in the coming weeks, and we hope it’s just the beginning. While the first videos focus largely on comedy-style knockouts, we’re hoping to explore all kinds of comedic humiliation in future projects: hypnosis, getting tied up, pantsings and maybe even a little tickling.

More news on our first films will be coming soon, but in the meantime, feel free to drop me a line to tell me what sort of things you’d like to see featured.