New Video Up: Hunter’s Business Trip

A new clip is up and available! This is a solo video featuring a new model, Hunter, who’s in a hotel getting ready for his business meeting but keeps encountering slapstick humiliation. He gets knocked out several times, electrocuted, blown up, burned and flattened. Check it out here!


Teaser For Elliott & Derrick

Here’s a quick teaser for the latest video. Enjoy, and more new videos on the way over the next few weeks.

New Videos Posted!

The first of the new videos now are up and available! This one features about nine minutes of nonstop antics with returning model Derrick and a new model, Elliott. Besides more than a dozen funny knockouts, the guys face several other forms of slapstick abuse including electrocution, explosions and a flattening.

Two versions are available, so you can pick which model you want to see get the brunt of the bad luck.

The videos are available here. I should have a trailer up by tomorrow.

New videos update

Quick update to say the shots went great and will have some new videos up hopefully by the end of this week, once I finish editing. In addition to lots of comedy-style knockouts, these new videos will also feature something new, as many had requested: a few flattenings! Stay tuned!