Teaser for Jordan Video

As promised, here’s the teaser for the latest video!

The full video is available here.

Also for those of you who sent in requests, I’m working on incorporating those into our next videos. This one was already in the works as this one was being put together. If you have more requests, feel free to send them my way!


New Video, Featuring New Model Jordan

Happy spring! I’m very excited to announce the newest video available on GuysOutCold: Jordan and the Security System. Meet Jordan, our newest model:

Featured image

Jordan is housesitting but is having trouble figuring out the home’s security system, resulting in constant slapstick humiliation for the poor guy. In this video, you’ll see Jordan get whacked with a frying pan numerous times, blown up, smashed with a piano and much more. It also features several views of his bare feet.

I’ll have a trailer up sometime tomorrow, but the video already is available at the clip store here.