Teaser for Rudy the Cartoon Model

Here’s a look at a bit of the first scene of Rudy the Cartoon Model.

Visit here for the full video!


New Video Up Tonight: Rudy the Cartoon Model

As I type this, the newest GuysOutCold video is uploading and should be up within the next hour!

This one features a very handsome new model, Rudy.


Rudy is a professional model and has just been hired for his latest gig: modeling for the Acme Company. As you might guess, that means a lot of slapstick shenanigans are in store for him! As he models the products, Rudy is knocked out numerous times (including several times seeing both stars and birds), electrocuted, blown up and even flattened into a disc. Fortunately, he remains a good sport throughout!

I’ll have a trailer up in the next day or two, but if you can’t wait, check it out here¬†once it’s out.

Mark vs. Shannon — New video finally up!

I apologize for being so long between posts, but I had a severe computer problem. Fortunately, it’s all taken care of now, and now I’m back with a new video!

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 5.40.48 PM

This one features two of the most popular models from GuysOutCold. Mark is back to show off some more fitness tips, but Shannon, making his fourth appearance, wants to show him how it’s really done. The two engage in a slapstick battle featuring electrocution, chloroform and, of course, many, many clonks on the head and funny KOs.

I’ll have a trailer up tomorrow, but meanwhile, the video is available now in the GuysOutCold clip store.

There will be two more videos coming out over the next month. A new one featuring Mark, and one with a new model whom I’m sure will be an instant favorite.