Trailer: Andrew the Reluctant Model

Here’s a look at the new video! Visit the clip store for the full video. More coming soon!


New Video: Andrew the Reluctant Model

Just in time for Leap Day, I’m excited to announce the newest video available on GuysOutCold: Andrew the Reluctant Model!

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.50.42 AM

This is Andrew’s first time in a GuysOutCold video, but he’s not all that interested in appearing in one. Unfortunately for him, he’s going to be in one whether he likes it or not! Watch Andrew get knocked silly repeatedly, blown up, shocked, flattened and stripped to his underwear. He’s a pro at exaggerated facial reactions!

Trailer to come tomorrow, but the clips is up now in the clip store.

A favor from any Canadian readers

I’m in need of a favor from anyone residing in Canada — something very simple and harmless, I promise! It has to do with checking out a television show not available to those of us in the States. Anyone who is able to help I’ll be happy to reward with a few free films. For info, you can email me at Many thanks, and we have two more videos in the editing stages and many more on the way!