Teaser: Shannon Goes for a Record

Here’s the teaser for the new video featuring Shannon!

Visit the GuysOutCold store for the full video.

So what else is on tap? Next up will be a two-model video about a pair of unlucky ghost-hunters, featuring one returning model and one returning one. I’ve also got two other single-model videos shot and in the editing queue as well as two shoots scheduled over the next two weeks, so get ready for a lot of new content in the coming months! I’ve also had some more interest in customs, so as always, if you’d like to chat about that, shoot me a note at beckythom88@gmail.com.


New Video: Shannon Goes for a Record

Hey all! I was on vacation for a bit but am back now with a new video featuring one of GuysOutCold’s most popular models. Shannon is back and none too pleased that some other guys have been stealing his thunder. So, he goes for a GuysOutCold record for funny KOs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.14.41 AM

This one focusing pretty much solely on funny KOs, but Shannon is knocked silly nonstop for nearly seven minutes straight. He also faces a few other types of humiliation, including getting blown up and stripped to his underwear, and he shows off his feet both bare and in socks.

Trailer coming soon, but here’s the link to the store if you can’t wait!