Trailer: Ghost-Busted

Here’s a sneak peak at the newest GuysOutCold video. For the full video, visit the clip store. 


New video: Ghostbusted

A new video is up on the GuysOutCold clip store: Ghostbusted.

This one features both a returning model and a new model. Nelson of Slapstick Fight Night fame is back, and he’s brought along his friend Max. This time, they’re not looking for a fight; they’re looking for a ghost. And this one has a penchant for slapstick.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 6.22.52 PM

Watch the two boys endure nonstop slapstick shenanigans, including constant bonks on the head, a few flattenings and, in a first for GuysOutCold videos, a bit of vore!

A trailer will be up tomorrow, but check out the clip store here if you can’t wait.