Kevin and the Gremlins Trailer

Here’s a peak at a few scenes of the new GuysOutCold video. For the full video (more than 12 minutes long), visit the clip store!

So, what’s up next? Quite a bit, I’m happy to report! First up, there will be a video with a very heavy focus on feet — lots of close-ups, in-your-face action in addition to the usual slapstick shenanigans. I also have three other videos that are shot and just need editing, all featuring new models. And our last star, Max — whose video was one of the most popular yet — is going to star in a new custom video.

Speaking of customs, Kevin’s film also was a custom, and anyone interested in more info about customs can email me at or just leave a comment here. Think of it as your chance to get the model of your choice doing whatever you want (within reason). Even though I have a backlog of videos I’m working on now, I’ll generally give custom videos priority.

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