Teaser: Pedro’s Slapstick Spy Games

Here’s a sneak peak at the new video, featuring Pedro. Get it now on the clip store.

Still a lot more to come! Next up will be a shorter video featuring a new model who doesn’t mind getting down to his underwear, followed by several other guys making their debuts. It may be a couple of weeks before the next one is up, but more are definitely on the way!


New Video: Pedro’s Slapstick Spy Games

Just posted a new video on the GuysOutCold clip store: Pedro’s Slapstick Spy Games. New model Pedro is playing a spy who’s on the prowl but finds only slapstick shenanigans at every turn.


This video clocks in at nearly 15 minutes and includes electric shots, Pedro losing his shoes, flattenings, a foot injury and a ton of comedic KOs. The last several minutes are nearly wall-to-wall with clonks to the head. The trailer will be up tomorrow, but check out the clip store now if you can’t wait.

Teaser: Kevin vs. Robert

Here’s the trailer — truly one of my favorites to date! Kevin is a fantastic actor with great instincts, and Robert’s more serious take plays off him well. The full video is up in the clip store.

There’s a lot more on deck for GuysOutCold, including a new model in a video next weekend, a foot-injury-focused video and tons more. Stay tuned!

New Video: Kevin Vs. Robert

I know it’s only been a week, but I just uploaded the latest GuysOutCold video, and I think you’re going to love it! One of our most popular models, Kevin from “Kevin and the Gremlins,” is back, and this time, he’s facing off against a foe who’s not offscreen.


Meet new model Robert, who goes toe-to-toe with Kevin in a slapstick showdown lasting more than 14 minutes total. In addition to tons of comedic bonks on the head and KOs, the video features flattenings and some other fun transformations, electric shocks, tied-up legs, a slapstick boxing battle and an explosion. Feet fans will particularly enjoy this one, too, as it has plenty of sole shots (socks and barefoot) of both guys.

The trailer will be up tomorrow, but the video is up now in the clip store.

Teaser: Shai and the Sentry

Here’s the trailer for Shai and the Sentry. Get the full video in the clip store.

So, here’s an outline of what’s coming up next:

  • This weekend, I’ll be posting a new video featuring the return of Kevin. He’s not battling gremlins this time. He’s battling a new GuysOutCold model, Robert, and it’s a slapstick fight for the ages!
  • Next up, you’ll meet another new GuysOutCold model, Pedro, making his debut in a solo video.
  • Several other videos have been shot and are in the editing queue for the coming weeks, including another one with a focus on foot injuries, the return of a few GuysOutCold favorites and some fun new faces!

As I mentioned in the previous post, this current video was another custom, and I’m always happy to talk custom videos if there’s a specific plot or focus you’d like to see. I’m a bit backed up at the moment in terms of editing, but I’ll give a custom video priority over the other if there’s something you really want to see. Generally, customs cost only the expense of the actors. If you’re interested, shoot me a note at beckythom88@gmail.com.

New Video: Shai and the Sentry

Sorry for the delay between videos, but the drought ends today with a new video up on GuysOutCold! Shai is back in “Shai and the Sentry.” In this one, Shai is playing a thief trying to get his hands on classified documents only to be thwarted every time.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 3.32.10 PM.png

This one was a custom designed specifically to focus on something new for our videos: dragging. Shai gets the usual dose of comedic KOs, but often after being on the receiving end, a sentry comes in to drag him off. The video also contains a flattening, and he appears in socks throughout much of it.

The trailer will be up tomorrow, but it’s available on the clip store now.