Trailer: The Gremlins Strike Back

Here’s a look at some of the new video:

Visit the clip store for the full video.

Still have several videos queued up in the editing stage! Next will be one with a new model that will be especially tailored to those of you who enjoy foot injury scenes.


New Video: The Gremlins Strike Back

Just uploaded a new video to GuysOutCold!


Kevin is back, and so are his old nemeses, the gremlins. So, Kevin decides to call in reinforcements: Joey, a pest-control expert.

screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-11-55-21-pmUnfortunately, Joey isn’t much more skilled at fighting the gremlins than Kevin, leaving them both the victim of nonstop slapstick antics: tons of bonks on the head, flattenings, a foot injury, slips and falls, and one of them even gets shoved into a jar.

The trailer will be up tomorrow, but it’s up for sale in the clip store now.

Teaser: Matt’s Slapstick Antics

Happy New Year! Here’s the trailer for the new video, featuring Matt:

Get the full video at the clip store!

Thanks to all for staying with us in 2016, and we have a lot coming up in 2017. Up next: One of our most popular models is back with a new costar, plus a lot more new and returning faces. Let’s make it a great year!