New Video: Brian’s Rough Morning

Just posted a new video on GuysOutCold featuring first-time model Brian! Now, Brian’s a little shy, so the marketing is a little different for this one: He prefers not to be on the YouTube channel, so no trailer, but you can get a look at him in the GIF preview on the clip store.

As the title implies, this one’s about Brian’s rough morning while getting ready for work. It features more than 10 minutes of nonstop slapstick action, including, of course, tons of cartoon KOs as well as an explosion, a flattening, a foot injury and some other fun surprises. He also loses his clothes partway through and does much of the rest of the video in his underwear. Hope you enjoy!


Larry’s Teaser

Here’s a look at the new video featuring Larry:

Get the whole thing at the clip store!

Still a lot more in the queue coming up over the next few months, so stay tuned!

New Video up!

Just put up a new video on GuysOutCold — Larry: Slapstick and Feet! Meet Larry!


This one isn’t about a plot — just 10 minutes of nonstop slapstick antics: tons of bonks on the head, a flattening, slips and falls…all the works. As the title suggests, this one is especially geared for those who love feet and feet injuries. Larry encounters several incidents that leaves him hopping and pain, and there also are plenty of shots of his feet both in white socks and bare.

Stay tuned for the trailer tomorrow, but check it out now at the clip store if you can’t wait!