Teaser: Isaac’s Bad Morning

Here’s a look at Isaac’s new video.

Get the full video in the clip store.

I’m working on bringing in a new crop of models, so some exciting things coming up! As always, if you are interested in a custom video, drop me a line at beckythom88@gmail.com.

11 thoughts on “Teaser: Isaac’s Bad Morning

  1. I really love the videos. Could you tell me which ones show the guy’s feet, or shoes, or socks getting stuck to the floor? If you do, I’ll buy whichever ones I haven’t seen yet. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Ed! Quite a few do. The one I just posted does, as do the following:
      Kevin vs. Robert
      The Gremlins Strike Back
      Ghostbusted Again
      Marco & Jason’s Corporate Espionage
      Kyle Hates Cartoons
      Alex the Assassin
      Alex’s Rough Day
      The Elliott/Derrick videos (either one)
      Jace and Chase on the Job
      Victor’s Mystery Vacation

      • Nice! I like the latest one, and Kevin vs Robert and Alex’s Rough day were good too. Just one thing to ask – If you’re going to do any feet-stuck scenes, could you make sure you include shots that show their feet (or socks/shoes) as they’re trying to get unstuck? I noticed not all the videos have that. There are people like me out there who really like that stuff. Thanks!

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