Trailer: Blake’s Virtual Reality Boxing

Here’s a look at Blake in action! Get the full video in the clip store now.

We’ve actually already shot the next two videos, so they will be up as soon as I can edit them! The first will mark the return of one of the GuysOutCold all-stars. The second will feature another favorite in a video that will have a few scenes for the vore fans. Stay tuned for a lot more, and as always, I’m always available to talk customs if you email

New Video: Blake’s Virtual Reality Boxing

Just posted this month’s new video for GuysOldCold! Blake is back for a new adventure.

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 9.49.55 PM

Blake’s ready for a weekend of relaxing with video games, but he decides to try out a new virtual reality boxing game that is anything but relaxing! As he tries to learn the ropes, he faces nonstop humiliation, taking a barrage a punches and blows that leave him constantly knocked silly as well as other slapstick gags, including flattening and an explosion. Blake is barefoot throughout much of the video as well. Join him for nearly 15 minutes of nonstop slapstick fun!

The trailer will be up tomorrow, but the video is available in the clip store now!

Teaser: Pedro Plays Perseverance

Here’s a look at Pedro back in action!

Enjoy, and get the whole thing in the clip store!

Stay tuned for a lot more this summer! The next video has already been shot and will feature another familiar face, and a few other favorites are set to return soon, as well! Of course, I’m always open to customs, for which you can reach me at