3 thoughts on “Trailer: Even More of Matt’s Slapstick Antics

  1. Hey, I’ve noticed that a lot of your videos have been disappearing lately on both your channels. The link to your DeviantArt doesn’t work anymore either, is everything okay?

    • Hey there! Yes, that is correct. I’m going to have an announcement related to that coming soon, but a quick explanation is that I found out that some people had been taking content from the sites and re-posting them on PornHub and other sites without my knowledge — including a lot of things that were never meant to appear on adult sites. I’ve also taken down the DeviantArt page. A different story, but will explain that later, too.

      I should have a new video up Sunday, so stay tuned for that!

      • Ah, so I see. That’s really unfortunate, but I’m glad you’re still at it. Looking forward to the video and the clarity on all this! Happy you’re still around, too, I thought the Fun Police had shut you down or something worse…!

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