Trailer: Derek’s Last Smoke

Here’s your first look at Derek in action!

For the full video, visit the clip store.

I hope you enjoy Derek, as we have a few more videos in the works with him coming up! In the meantime, I’m also working on editing the return appearances of two former GuysOutCold models. I’ll be back with a new video in a few weeks!


Larry’s Teaser

Here’s a look at the new video featuring Larry:

Get the whole thing at the clip store!

Still a lot more in the queue coming up over the next few months, so stay tuned!

Teaser: Kyle Hates Cartoons

Here’s a look at Kyle, our newest GuysOutCold star, in action!

Check out the full video at the clip store!

So, what’s next? I still have several videos in my editing queue, but I’m going to be pushing those aside for a moment for a new shoot next weekend with a recent popular GuysOutCold star. Then, I’ll be shooting another two-character piece featuring a GuysOutCold favorite and a new actor. And we have lots of debuts in store as well!

New Video: Kyle Hates Cartoons

It’s been a few weeks, but I’m happy to report a new video was just posted on GuysOutCold! This one stars new model Kyle.


Kyle thinks cartoons are stupid. Little does he know he’s about to find himself living one! Kyle endures about 10 minutes of slapstick shenanigans, including losing his shoes, a few flattenings, a foot injury, explosions, losing control of himself in fast motion and KO after KO after KO.

Trailer will be up tomorrow, but check it out in the clip store now if you can’t wait!