Trailer: Shannon’s Double Feature

Here are a few quick shots of the new videos featuring Shannon. Check them out on the clip store!

Enjoy, and the next video should be up in a few weeks!


New Videos Up: Shannon Double Feature

Just uploaded a new set of videos to GuysOutCold. This one is a double feature featuring one of the original models, Shannon, making his first appearance in quite some time. He’s missed you all!

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 10.35.17 PM

Shannon’s starring in two new videos. The first, Shannons’ Come Uppance, is a short one but is jam-packed with slapstick KOs and antics. Seems Shannon’s gotten a little cocky in his time away, so perhaps he needs to be taken down a peg! (Note to transformation fans: This video focuses largely on KOs and includes no transformations). He does get down to his underwear in this one, though he keeps his socks on for sock fans.

In the second, Shannon’s Clumsy Striptease, Shannon in an homage to his very first appearance attempts a sexy striptease, but of course, it goes wildly wrong, with him stumbling about and knocking himself silly. Once he’s down to his underwear (barefoot this time), he undergoes several more minutes of slapstick humiliation, with more bonks one the head, a foot injury and a flattening.

If you just want one of the videos, you can buy them individually, or you can buy them together at a slight discount. Stay tuned for a trailer tomorrow, but they’re up on the clip store now.

New Video: Brian’s Rough Morning

Just posted a new video on GuysOutCold featuring first-time model Brian! Now, Brian’s a little shy, so the marketing is a little different for this one: He prefers not to be on the YouTube channel, so no trailer, but you can get a look at him in the GIF preview on the clip store.

As the title implies, this one’s about Brian’s rough morning while getting ready for work. It features more than 10 minutes of nonstop slapstick action, including, of course, tons of cartoon KOs as well as an explosion, a flattening, a foot injury and some other fun surprises. He also loses his clothes partway through and does much of the rest of the video in his underwear. Hope you enjoy!

Trailer: Justin Takes the Slapstick Challenge

Here’s a look at the first scene of the video with Justin. For the full video, visit the clip store.

There’s still a lot more on deck! Next up will be three of the longer-form videos each featuring a new model. I’ve got some great customs in the works, too, so stay tuned!

New Video: Justin Takes a Slapstick Challenge

I just posted a new video on the GuysOutCold clip store: Justin Takes a Slapstick Challenge. This one features new model Justin trying his hand at a few dare requests.


This one is on the shorter (and therefore inexpensive!) side but is still jam-packed with comedic KOs as well as a flattening, an explosion and one foot injury. Justin also gets down to his underwear in this one, and you’ll see some shots of the soles of his feet. Trailer coming soon, but get it on the clip store now!

Trailer: Jack’s Feet KOs

Here’s a sneak peak at the news GuysOutCold video. For the full video, visit the clip store

Our newest model also said to pass along that he’s happy to do custom videos for anyone interested. If you are, contact me at, and I’ll put you in touch with him!

Still have a lot of videos on deck, all featuring new models, so stay tuned!

New Video: Jack’s Feet KOs

I know I usually put up new videos on Sundays, but I’m about to be traveling for a bit, so here’s to being a few days early! A new video is uploading onto GuysOutCold as we speak, featuring new model Jack.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 5.33.30 PMThis one is especially for the feet fans out there. Jack encounters the usual slapstick shenanigans you’d expect in a GuysOutCold video — an electro-shock, flattening and nonstop bonks on the head — but they’re all shot with his feet right in your face. You’ll see both barefoot and socks scenes. In all, it’s almost 20 minutes of video — our longest yet! No plot with this one, but plenty of slapstick action to keep you entertained.

Trailer will be up tomorrow, but check out the clip store if you can’t wait. It’s still uploading right now — like I said, it’s a long one! — but it should be up within the next 30 minutes to an hour.