Trailer: Blake the Product Tester

Here’s a few clips from Blake’s new video! Get it now in the clip store.

Stay tuned for more videos over the next several weeks! I’ll be introducing a new model soon, plus some previous models will be making return appearances. As always, if you are interested in a custom video, email me at


New Video: Blake the Product Tester

Just posted a new video, featuring the return of Blake!

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 9.32.21 PM

This time, he’s been asked to test a variety of products that all lead to slapstick results. He gets knocked silly numerous times, flattened, sucked into a vacuum and more. This video also featured an extended sequence where Blake’s shoes and socks get stuck to the floor.

The trailer will be up tomorrow, but the video is available now in the clip store!

Trailer: Derek the Detective

Here’s a look at Derek’s latest video!

Get the full thing at the clip store.

We just finished shooting a new video last Friday, so there should be another one up soon. As always, if you are interested in customs, email me at

Trailer: Blake’s Virtual Reality Boxing

Here’s a look at Blake in action! Get the full video in the clip store now.

We’ve actually already shot the next two videos, so they will be up as soon as I can edit them! The first will mark the return of one of the GuysOutCold all-stars. The second will feature another favorite in a video that will have a few scenes for the vore fans. Stay tuned for a lot more, and as always, I’m always available to talk customs if you email

Teaser: Pedro Plays Perseverance

Here’s a look at Pedro back in action!

Enjoy, and get the whole thing in the clip store!

Stay tuned for a lot more this summer! The next video has already been shot and will feature another familiar face, and a few other favorites are set to return soon, as well! Of course, I’m always open to customs, for which you can reach me at

New video: Pedro Plays Perseverance

Happy summer, all! Just posted a new GuysOutCold video, featuring Pedro, who returned for his third video.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 1.47.19 PM

This time, Pedro is a contestant on a game show, Perseverance, where enduring a barrage of obstacles promises big financial rewards. Of course, those obstacles are more than 12 minutes of nonstop slapstick humiliation: clonks with a hammer, frying pan, boxing glove and anvils; flattening by a safe; foot injuries and more!

This one also features a new effect! Remember those little lumps that come out a cartoon character’s head when they get clonked? Pedro gets to experience one of those firsthand!

As those who have seen his earlier videos can attest, Pedro is a pro at eye-crossing, and he also appears both in black socks and barefoot in this video. I’ll have a trailer up tomorrow, but it’s available in the clip store now!

New Video: Mission Imp-Possible

Just posted a new video featuring a new model, Johnny!

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.07.35 PM

Johnny thinks he’s in for an easy night when he’s asked to babysit for a wealthy couple — but he finds himself in for a night of slapstick silliness. Features numerous comedic clonks to the head, flattenings, a hotfoot and other comedic injuries.

 I’ll have a trailer up tomorrow, but it’s available in the clip store now!